Playing modern Yu-Gi-Oh

Remember that time when you will just normal summon a monster in attack position and then you will set a card on your Spell/Trap zone facedown and end your turn. A game mostly about who can generate higher attacks and have that RNG hands to counter your opponent’s spells, traps, and attack. However, as time progress, this card game became more complex, and adapting to its changes is inevitable if you want to stay on the playing field.

Yu-Gi-Oh has been around for nearly 19 years so we can say the game will not retire any time soon. However, the very nature of the game evolved massively over the years and an indication can be said whenever Konami releases a new Yu-Gi-Oh timeline anime. The very first competitive deck that I’ve played is lightsworn, and if you’re a veteran player you know that this deck is a meta deck around 2010. Obtaining OCG cards is really difficult during that time especially when building lightsworn deck since some cards like Layla and Ehren are only available in super rare-grade. With perseverance and luck, eventually, I was able to complete my deck, and playing it with other players is a bragging right due to its rarity and complexity.

Lightsworn deck focuses on milling sending cards from the top of the Deck to the Graveyard. The vast majority of “Lightsworn” monsters mill a number of cards during the End Phase of their controller’s turn and/or can generally benefit from this mechanic. Your boss card of the Deck is “Judgment Dragon” you can special summon this card by having four or more lightsworn monsters with different names in your graveyard. The effect of Judgment Dragon is a bit game-breaking during that time because you can pay 1000 life points to destroy all other cards on the field, as long as you have life points to pay, you will be able to use this effect.

Pure lightsworn deck is strong no doubt about it. But, I’ve decided to transition to mixing light and dark attributes since Envoy of the beginning got lifted from the ban list. My deck is mixed with Necro gardna, Chaos Sorcerer, Gale, Plaguespreader, DAD, glow up bulb, Gorz. With this build, the power spike of my deck increased due to the removal effects of Envoy and, Chaos Sorcerer, plus the synchro monsters that I was able to summon with ease.

I was able to play until Exceed any my only exceed is Hope No:39. After that, my enjoyment of the game slowly diminishes perhaps due to the ban list that hit my deck, and. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any alternative decks to play and I’ve decided to quit and I sold my deck along with my binder so I will not be tempted to return again.

After a couple of years from hiatus. I’ve decided to try playing the game again and I was shocked since there are new rules, new types of cards, and summons. For me, as a returning player, it’s overwhelming due to the information that I have to absorb to play the game again in its current state. With these changes and an expensive approach in building a deck, I’ve realized it’s better that some things stay in the past.

I’ve tried playing the game again online but it went poorly. Things have definitely changed, with all my opponents always opening with elaborate combos that last five minutes or so and seeing your opponent stack their field with link monsters, pendulum, and many more, leaving me confused knowing that I have no possible response since their monster(s) negates effects or negates summons. The games are over in a few turns–it’s maybe ten minutes of drag, most of which I’m just watching,

It’s difficult to admit, but I’ve reached the limits of nostalgia. Yu-Gi-Oh is simply no longer enjoyable for me, and it appears there’s no way back into it unless I invest plenty of my time studying every new card, meta, rules, and summons. I left the game behind and, as I attempt to claw my way back in, it appears the game is rejecting me. The game itself and the community have evolved, but these changes seem to be negative on my end making me not enjoying the game anymore.

The alternative card game genre that I’m currently playing is Legends of Runeterra, so far I’m enjoying my experience here with my Nautilus deep deck and I hope the spark that I’ve used to have in Yu-Gi-Oh will be carried over here.