Wild Rift Ziggs my favorite unorthodox mid-laner

Upon making this article, Ziggs is currently sitting at Tier C amongst all the mid laners. Ziggs is an artillery mage champion best played in the middle lane. All the skills of Ziggs deal magic damage and can be a huge impact if played correctly during a match. In this article, we will tackle the mechanics of Ziggs, his strengths/weaknesses, and why Ziggs is fun to use.

My current rank is Emerald II and my main role is mid-lane. Unfortunately, my champion pool is not that vast and I mainly use Orianna with 200 games played and a 67% win rate. As I climb the ladder with my clockwork friend, I got to the point of feeling bored, and my losing streak reaches its peak of 10 losses in a row using Orianna. With that, I’ve decided to explore other mage champions that are not in Tier S to Tier B and that’s where I’ve found Ziggs The Hexplosives Expert. After purchasing the champion, I’ve grinded on my day off or whenever I have free time playing. Honestly, I’ve experienced more losses than winning especially in rank. But you know what, it doesn’t matter because this champion is hella fun to use compared to other top-tier mid-lane champions that I’ve used so far.

He is creepingly adorable with his captivating smile
Smashes turrets very fast
Has a very long poke advantage
Even if you are behind (*cough feeding) you will still deal tons of damage

Easy to dodge skilllshots
Weak against assassin champions
Poor mobility


Passive – Short Fuse: This skill enhances his next attack to deal additional magic damage. The cooldown of this skill is reduced by 4 seconds when Ziggs casts an Ability. Also, this skill deals double damage to structures

Ziggs excels against melee opponents since when they walk up to CS, you can normal attack them and follow-up with your 1st skill (Bouncing Bomb). With the correct practice, you will be able to maximize this poke style even against range opponents. Not only he is great for poking, but he is also insane when it comes to pushing turrets.

1st skill – Bouncing Bomb – As the name implies, yes this skill is literally bouncing. This skill bounces 3 times before it explodes. However, it will explode immediately once it hits a target. This is your bread and butter and your main source of damage so make sure you land every cast before clash or during clash. This skill is difficult to use due to its slow animation and your opponent can anticipate it easily. My best advice if you’re going to poke your opponent in a distance, anticipate the direction where they are going. I know it sounds difficult but you will get the hang of it trust me. Just remember, you need to feel the bouncing ball.

2nd skill – Satchel Charge – Flings an explosive charge that can be detonated within 4 seconds to deal damage and to knock your opponents away. Ziggs is also knocked away without taking damage. Damages turrets and demolishes them if they are at 25% Health. This skill is very annoying at the same time it hates turrets so if you see a Satchel Charge icon above the turret, just cast this skill to the turret and that turret will be destroyed immediately. During laning phase, if your opponent is aggressively harassing and you manage to catch them out positioned, you can take advantage of this skill to knock them towards you or your turret. If you successfully knock them towards you, you can unleash havoc by throwing all your skills at them. Satchel Charge can also be an escaping tool if getting ganked or dove by your opponent(s) during clash. You can also jump on terrains upon casting so make sure you’re in the correct corner before you reactivate it.

3rd skill – Hexplosive Minefield – Scatters proximity mines that deal magic damage on contact and slow your opponent by 35% for 1.5 seconds. If your opponent(s) detonates multiple mines they take 40% damage from subsequent mines. This skill is great for poking your opponent in the lane and initially casting it is efficient since if your opponent steps on them and the slow triggered, you can easily follow-up with your 1st skill. Hexplosive Minefield is also useful when clearing objectives since you can block entry points on the map.

SS – Mega Inferno Bomb – Deploys the Mega Inferno Bomb to deal tons of Magic Damage. Enemies not in the center take 66.67% damage. This skill is a no-brainer just cast it and your opponents go boom! The cast range of this skill is vast and great for clearing lanes. During clash, it is best to cast it immediately. Don’t use it to last hit your opponents, use it to deal significant damage.

Ability order


Rune build is situational and subjective depending on your gameplay. My build focuses on early poke by pressuring my opponent in the lane and making sure that Ziggs will have a huge impact during mid-game to late-game.


I prefer barrier and flash since Ziggs has low survivability from ganks and aggressive lane champions. Having a barrier increases your chances of surviving your lane until you hit your power spike and can also be a turnaround spell if ever you get dove under your turret.

Item build

Archangel’s Staff is my priority item since your skills cost too much mana, building this item first will compensate for that issue. Also, it transforms into Seraph’s Embrace which provides you a shield if ever you get in danger. You will feel your power spike once you’ve obtained your Liandry’s Torment. Torment: Ability damage deals 1% of your opponent’s max Health as bonus magic damage over 3 seconds. This damage doubles if your opponents are slowed or immobilized. (Satchel Charge & Hexplosive Minefield *wink). Obtaining all the core items for Ziggs will be a nightmare against squishy champions and expect any losing match to have a chance for a comeback since Ziggs defies all fundamental physics when it comes to destroying turrets.

Finishing thoughts

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my awesome feedback and guide about Ziggs and I hope your love for this hyperactive Yordle somehow increased.

Ziggs is my pocket pick if ever I got bored using meta champions. Regardless of win or loses I always have this emotional trolly feeling of making my opponents annoyed. Let’s be honest that this champion is not the best especially during competitive and definitely a pick that raises eyebrows. But one thing is for sure, this is champion is super fun and is not going to be nerfed any time soon.