How glorious is the Glorious Model O wireless?

The Glorious Model O Wireless gaming mouse is a fantastic ultra-lightweight option. It’s a wireless version of the Glorious Model O, and although having a built-in battery, it’s still quite light. It has a different sensor than the wired version, and the new Glorious BAMF sensor has a larger CPI range that you may change in smaller increments than the cable version. This mouse is well-made, and despite having a honeycomb body, it seems substantial. It’s quite comfortable and works well with any grip for large hands, however, it can be too big for individuals with little hands. The virgin-grade PTFE feet allow for extremely smooth glide. Unfortunately, despite being a wireless model, it lacks Bluetooth connectivity and a place to hold the USB receiver, making it unsuitable for usage on the go.

The Glorious Model O Wireless is quite relaxing. It’s ambidextrous, although right-handed users will prefer it because the side buttons are exclusively on the left side. It is made for larger hands and may not be comfortable for those with small hands. Unfortunately, there are no grips. You can purchase a glorious mouse grip tape separately for $ 9.99.

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