Ducky One 2 SF impression

The Ducky One 2 SF is a tiny 65 percent keyboard that comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from a 60 percent keyboard like the Ducky One 2 Mini V1 to a full-size version like the Ducky One 2. It’s also available with a variety of Cherry MX switches; mine is Brown. Every key can be programmed as a macro, and because there is no dedicated software, you must record macros directly on the keyboard. It comes with full RGB backlighting and individually-lit keys, as well as doubleshot PBT keycaps. Despite its small size, the keys don’t feel cramped, and the typing quality is excellent. Unfortunately, for a wired keyboard, it has a high latency, which may be a deal breaker for some gamers.

As for the typing experience, the Cherry MX Brown switches of the Ducky One 2 SF provide an excellent typing experience. Despite its small size, there’s adequate room between each key to prevent typos, and the doubleshot PBT keycaps are comfortable to use. Typing on this keyboard isn’t particularly tiring, despite the lack of a wrist rest, especially if you’re using Brown Switches.

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