TECNO drops the price of the Spark 6 Go 4GB + 64GB

Everyone needs a smartphone these days, not just for communication, but also as an integral tool for work, learning, entertainment, e-commerce, and more. TECNO Mobile’s sleek TECNO Spark 6 Go AI-powered smartphone, which was launched in the Philippine market last year, has been able to provide affordability, durability, and reliability, meeting the evolving needs of its consumers. Now, in order to become accessible to even more Filipinos, TECNO Mobile drops the price of TECNO Spark 6 Go, from P5,490 to P4,999!

The phone was first introduced to the Philippines in November of last year, with a starting price of Php 5,490. On the other hand, the 2GB + 32GB variant stays at Php 3,990.

The Spark 6 Go features 6.52-inch HD+ Dot Notch Display, a quad-core MediaTek Helio A20 processor, and Android Go. It comes in two configurations — 2GB + 32GB and 4GB + 64GB.

The phone has a dual rear camera setup with a 13MP main and an AI Lens. While upfront, you have an 8MP selfie camera on a waterdrop notch.

It also has a big 5,000mAh battery and a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner for authentication, rounding out the specs list.

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TECNO Spark 6 Go Specs

  • Display: 6.52-inch HD+ Dot Notch Display, 1600 x 720
  • Processor: 1.8GHz Quad-core MediaTek Helio A20
  • GPU: IMG PowerVR GE83200
  • RAM: 2GB/4GB RAM
  • Storage: 32GB/64GB Storage
  • Rear Cameras: 13MP Main + AI Lens, Dual Cameras, LED Flash
  • Front Camera: 8MP Selfie Camera, LED Flash
  • Network: 4G LTE, Dual SIM
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS
  • Others: Rear-mounted Fingerprint Scanner, MicroUSB, VoLTE
  • OS: HiOS 6.2, Android 10 Go
  • Colors: Aqua Blue, Ice Jadeite, Mystery White
  • Battery: 5,000mAh Battery


About TECNO Mobile

TECNO Mobile is a premium smartphone brand from TRANSSION Holdings. TECNO unlocks the best of contemporary technologies in artistic designs, showcasing its mastery of serving global consumers who are “young at heart”, and inspiring them to never stop pursuing excellence. We demonstrate our brand motto through our innovation, technological and artistic progression in over 60 markets around the world, with  a diversified product portfolio featuring smartphones and smart AIoT products covered. TECNO is also the global Official Handset Partner of Manchester City Football Club. 

For more information, please visit: www.tecno-mobile.com.

Add to Cart and Enjoy Unbeatable Logitech Deals at the Lazada 9th Birthday Sale

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Sometimes, you go for an upgrade simply to be equipped with better specs that allow you to get
things done more accurately and efficiently. Newer, more premium gadgets can also mean
boosted comfort for prolonged use, thanks to updated ergonomic features and designs.

Boost work your from home productivity

When working from home, having the right gear makes a huge difference in keeping productivity
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With bold sound and strong bass, you can create your ideal work environment with mood-
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Play to win at home
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Finally, immerse yourself completely in your favorite game with big sound from the G331
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with great clarity, and be heard loud and clear by teammates and other players, too.

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About Logitech
Logitech designs products that have an everyday place in people’s lives, connecting them to the
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Verasity the video advertising on blockchain

What is Verasity (VRA)? Verasity is a Protocol and Product Layer Platform for Esports and Video Entertainment.

Verasity is a game-changing video-sharing site that seeks to reshape the online video environment by encouraging users, content owners, and marketers to engage openly and transparently. Their team has considerable expertise in the advertising and telecommunications markets, having occupied leadership positions at firms such as Eurosport, Sky, Joost, AOL, Turner, and the Guardian. Verasity offers a high-quality viewing experience by using existing cutting-edge video player technologies. Verasity’s Blockchain platform (PoVTM) builds a decentralized economy driven by VERA, a modern cryptocurrency.

Its mission is to allow developers and web publishers more flexibility while still enhancing the video-sharing experience. Verasity’s protocols can be used all over the internet, combining video distribution and instant micropayments like VERA, all backed by the trustworthy and open Proof of ViewTM Blockchain technology.

Among the highlights are: Instant Transactions – using VERA, a high-performance commercial utility token built into the player (capable of thousands of transactions per second), transfers between Developers, Fans, and Advertisers are disbursed in the near real-time. Proof-of-ViewTM – Audience measurements that are accurate, consistent, and auditable (anti-fake-view) – invention with a patent-pending Spark Marketplace is a smart coworking space.

When carrying a live smart contract, consumers earn a part of the channel’s revenue.

To know more about Verasity’s upcoming events, you can check them at https://coinmarketcal.com/en/coin/verasity

With all that being said, if you want to dig deep about them, I highly recommend checking their website at https://verasity.io.

Is THETA the future of streaming?

What is Theta? Theta aims to decentralize content delivery networks to help distribute the load of delivering video data to websites and to make it easier for users to load videos. To accomplish this, they are letting users share their excess broadband with users who are having trouble load videos so that they can load those videos quicker and more effectively.

Here are the following current problems of live video streaming:
■ Poor Quality
• Today’s content delivery networks (CDN) lack reach, causing video re-buffering, and high load times in many parts of the world.

■ Sky rocketing data needs
• Users demand 4k, 8k, and higher quality streams create infrastructure bottleneck

■ Centralized and inefficient system
• The centralized nature means less revenue flows back to content creators and platforms.

Viewers get low-quality streams and few rewards today. Centralized CDNs reap most of the rewards.

Their solution: Decentralized peer-to-peer video delivery. A new native blockchain. Powered by users.
■ Viewers earn rewards as Theta Fuel
• For sharing excess bandwidth and resources, viewers are now rewarded to participate in the network.

■ Higher quality, smoother video streaming
• A decentralized peer-to-peer network delivers streams efficiently globally.

■ Reduced cost of delivering video streams
• Video platforms no longer need to build expensive infrastructure, means more innovation and unique business models.

In the end, users benefit by sharing their bandwidth and building a community. Content creators and platforms all earn more with lower streaming costs.

Also, Theta has solid media advisors like Steve Chen Co-founder of YouTube, Justin Kan Co-founder of Twitch, and many more which you can check on their official website.


Theta Summary
Theta Labs is the blockchain division of Sliver.tv, an IPTV corporation located in San Jose, California. The platform aims to introduce esports streaming to the blockchain, allowing for encrypted microtransactions. With these main parts, it believes it has the bandwidth to grow and adapt internationally.

THETA and TFUEL are two tokens used by Theta, one for staking and the other for utility. TFUEL is produced by staking THETA, which was sold in a private token sale.
Samsung VR, MBN, and others are among the content platforms that use the Theta Network.

To support high bandwidth and scalability, Theta employs a revamped PBFT consensus and other proprietary technologies.
With these components in place, Theta is poised to become a leading star in the blockchain industry. It would be well on its way to defeating the final boss if it can use its Sony investment to obtain access to the PlayStation Network and Sony’s wide viewing audience.

If you’d like to invest in THETA, you can use my [https://www.binance.com/en/register?ref=84486078] referral link.

WTH are NFTs?

NFT (Non-fungible token) is a huge opportunity for artists because it is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique; NFTs are thus not mutually interchangeable. NFTs have value for the very same reason that any other piece of art or collectible has value because of rarity and people want it. If you’re worried if the creator will be able to make more of it, you don’t need to worry because the creator cannot step in and make more coins for the very same reason of bitcoins nature of 21 million supply coins, no one can step in and create more of them because it’s on the blockchain, and once it launches, the rules cannot be reversed or altered.

Technically the creator could make more editions of that same token. However. if they do that, there will be slight variations of the token itself whether that’s the stock symbol that would change or the launch date which would be all provable and verifiable on the blockchain even though the artwork itself could be 100% identical. To put it simply, you can create 99.9% like the original but it will never be exactly the same.

Not only NFT’s can be applied in crypto arts, but it can be also applied in digital collectibles and online gaming. This technology is groundbreaking because it provides artificial scarcity in the digital domain, as well as digital ownership of your purchase.

The important question that we need to ask is it worth it buying and investing our money into or is it only the creators that are benefiting from selling their tokens. The answer to this is, it depends on what you will purchase. If you’re going to purchase an expensive NFT product, you have to make sure that the product that you will purchase is from someone who is famous, a world wild icon, or a brand. The bigger the better and the safer your investment will be. Just imagine Supreme launching their very first digital sticker, and you’re the very first person on the planet to own it, imagine the return after several years from now when NFTs became mainstream and everyone wants to get in. If you want to get deeper into NFTs and curious about industries that are set to explode any time soon, I highly recommend doing your own research since there are many industries with high potentials that might be in your interest.

To give you an example of a famous NFT-artwork creator, you can look up “Beeple”. He is a graphic designer from Charleston, SC, USA who does a variety of digital artwork including short films, Creative Commons VJ loops, everydays and VR / AR work.

If you manage to read until here, I would like to congratulate you because you’re already on the front doorstep ready to explore this innovation and possible potential to make loads of cash in the future.

Is Bitcoin the new gold?

Before we get into the main topic we need to answer the question first, what is Bitcoin? To put it simply, Bitcoin is an electronic currency found on October, 31st 2008 by a mysterious user going by the name Satoshi Nakamoto. The proposal for Bitcoin was sent to an obscure online mailing list. The paper proposed a radically new form of electronic money and it would be distributed over a decentralized network. Bitcoin has no single entity that issues Bitcoin or is in charge of processing its transactions.

Before Bitcoin, it is not possible to make electronic payments without the help of a third-party like a bank or payment processor, hence, payments were often slow, expensive, and not accessible to everyone. To solve these issues, Bitcoin operates without a trusted third-party, instead, it works as purely as a peer-to-peer electronic currency, meaning that payments are sent directly from one person to another. Bitcoin became an encrypted communication and combined with an electronic accounting book called a ledger. This digital ledger is distributed to all the computers connected to the bitcoin network and the system was designed so that any new transactions of bitcoin needed first to be verified by a large computing power process known as Mining.

Computers that are plugged into the Bitcoin network compete with each other to answer highly complex cryptographic puzzles. Whichever miner does the most work to solve these puzzles has their block of transactions added to the ledger, each block itself contains a reference to the blocks which came before it creating an immutable log of accounts or Blockchain.

Now for the main topic, the term “dry powder” is an important term that you need to remember if you’re planning to invest in Bitcoin. Dry Powder can also refer to cash reserves kept on hand by a company, venture capital firm, or individual to cover future obligations, purchase assets or make acquisitions. If you have an asset that you can tap into to take advantage of those downdrafts in market prices that’s a dry powder, the most common one of course is cash. We all know that money printing is infinite so some people choose to shift some of that cash into gold because gold is a better store of value over time. The point here is if they’re printing tons of cash so you’re mining fewer nuggets of gold and they are printing cash, but the number of cash in the world is infinite, they will be virtually infinite, and there is no real limit on how many nuggets of gold can be mined out of the ground but Bitcoin there is. In fact, we’ve already mined 18.5 million of a cap of a total of 21 million Bitcoin so it is an asset that has a finite supply and that is one becoming more institutionalized. As a result that over the long term you’ll feel and see it hold its value much better than cash and even much better than gold.

If you’re planning to invest in Bitcoin, then I highly recommend using Binance as your platform of choice since this platform is user-friendly especially for beginners like you and me, and has received favorable reviews from the crypto community. if you want to give it a shot, please don’t forget to use my referral link 84486078.

How tough is the Asus TUF H3 Gaming Headset?

Choosing a bang for your buck gaming headset is essential for your streaming, movie marathon, music solitude, and especially for your hardcore gaming sessions. In this article, I will provide my honest feedback about the “Asus TUF H3 Gaming Headset” after using it for a year.

In the cheap gaming headset market, you generally have to compromise at least one thing, whether it’s the mic quality, sound, comfort, or durability of the product. However, the TUF H3 is an exception since it delivers all the value of a quality gaming headset for an affordable price.

The audio and mic quality of the headset is top-notch for its price and it offers incredible bass and clear sound details to immerse you in a natural-sounding gaming experience. Having this audio quality for a cheap headset is a big factor especially if you’re an avid FPS gamer. Hearing footsteps, team calls, and environment interactions will boost your overall performance in every match. Also, it is rather comfortable and you really don’t have any issues with long gaming sessions compared to other headsets that fatigue your ears after using it for extended periods of time.

For the build quality of the product, I would say it is relatively secure once you put it and has a lightweight feeling. The cool thing about this headset is that you can use it on your consoles, it has a 3.5 millimeter 4-pole jack on the headset itself and a braided 4-pole two-separated microphone and headphone jack included so it should really work with anything you want to plug it into.

With all that being said, if you’re an aspiring streamer, music lover, or competitive gamer. I highly advise not letting this gaming headset pass since you can not go wrong with its quality and price.

The best budget mechanical keyboard!

Choosing a mechanical keyboard in a low-budget price range can be difficult due to the variety of mechanical keyboards that are currently available in the market. However, there is a keyboard that I have stumbled upon and that is the “Redragon Kumara K552”. The Redragon Kumara K552 is 10 keyless or tournament-edition mechanical keyboard with a build construction of durable high-quality metal-abs (engineered to be an optimal long-lived product) perfect for that keyboard smashing experience. The keyboard has standard F keys but with secondary functions, you can activate these keys by pressing the FN function key. The cool thing about the FN key is you can disable the Windows key by pressing FN + Windows, this feature can be a handful especially if you’re in an intense game. You can also adjust the brightness of the keyboard by pressing FN + – or +. If you don’t want any backlight just press FN + SCRLK. Adjusting the backlight effect is also possible. To achieve this, just press the FN + INS, there, you will be able to select different backlight effects. Unfortunately, the Redragon Kumara K552 only has the red backlight but if you prefer the model with an RGB, you’re going to spend a little more. 

Underneath, the model, you get a pair of anti-slip rubber pads in the corners at the bottom. At the top, you get to flip out the keyboard feet with both of them having anti-slip pads as well. The anti-slip pads are fairly doing their job on top of my desk or mouse mat making them not slipping around especially during an intense game. The cable is non-braided and 5.9 feet long with a gold-plated USB connector. 

Finally for the switches. The keyboard uses custom red dragon mechanical switches that are equivalent to cherry mx green. The included keycaps are double-shot injection molded keycaps which makes them quality keycaps and future proof from any scratches. The custom switches have a loud audible click with the tactile bump making it perfect for long hours of typing but it can be quite disturbing if you’re working in an office. To compensate for that, you can buy O-ring dampeners to reduce the sound of your keyboard. 

With all that being said, if you’re looking for a durable, space saver, and a future-proof budget mechanical keyboard, I highly recommend checking this out.