TECNO Mobile’s One of a Kind Gaming Live Stream Delivers Power-Packed Fun and Prizes

Viewers also got a sneak preview of the awesome new POVA 2 gaming phone that’s perfect for playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang!

TECNO Mobile’s recently concluded Power Your Game live stream was a hugely successful event, making true of its promise to deliver power-packed fun and overflowing prizes. Streamed live on the TECNO Mobile Facebook Page last June 5th, in partnership with popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), the one-of-a-kind online event garnered over 30k live views, a viewership milestone that surpasses all previous livestream events from the brand. After only a few days since the event date, the live stream has already been viewed to almost 2M times on Facebook.

The highly-engaged audience during the live event eagerly posted comments, and participated in games and challenges, hoping to win one of 250 TECNO Mobile phones and MLBB game skins that were up for grabs that evening. Viewers were also extremely entertained by the guest gamers who livened up the show with their on-stage antics and amazing cosplay performances, as much as their impressive gaming skills. Hosted by Phaister, together with high-energy shoutcasters, Phinesse Lex and Prof B, this is one show that viewers will not easily tire of watching over and over again.

Among the notable moments from the live stream event was the shocking upset of Team POVA by the challengers, Team TECNO, during the show match. Team POVA was made up of top gaming streamers, Ghost Wrecker, Junnie Boy, Kay Ann, Elie Gaming , and Hypebits, while Team TECNO was composed of select participants from a recent TECNO Mobile Facebook Challenge. After three rounds of intense MLBB gameplay, Team TECNO bested Team POVA to become the first-ever POVA 2 x MLBB Show Match Champions, proving that #TogetherWeAchieveMore.

Fans also voted for their favorite gamer to be crowned the MLBB Hero of the Year, a title that was won by game streamer Junnie Boy, who was dressed as Gusion Moonlight Sonata during the event. A separate poll was also opened for fans to choose the gamer that they believed was the show match MVP. This was won by Hypebits, who was in full Granger Lightborn Overrider during the show.

All of the guest gamers gave their best during game segments, joining challenges like Lagot o Sagot, and performing in an entertaining Rap Battle, to the delight of their fans. And, as a special treat to their followers, all of the gaming streamers are also hosting giveaways on their individual Facebook pages after the livestream event. A POVA 2 unit, one Lucky Spin Limited Skin, and one Starlight Member Limited Skin from each of the 5 gaming streamers await those who participate. To join, simply leave a comment on your favorite gamer’s page, listing any two POVA 2 features, together with the hashtags, #POVA2PoweredToWin, #POVA2GamingPhone, and #TogetherWeAchieveMore. Ghost Wrecker, having the highest invite post engagement, has already chosen 2 Starlight Limited Skin winners from his lucky fans. 

POVA 2 Powered To Win

The livestream event also served as the official start of the pre-selling period for TECNO Mobile’s POVA 2 gaming smartphone. POVA 2 has been called the perfect phone to use for playing MLBB. Viewers of the event got to see the amazing POVA 2 in action during the show match, witnessing for themselves how powerful the phone’s 7,000mAh battery is, and how its Helio G85 Gaming Processor is truly built to win. 

The hottest gaming phone, POVA 2 is certainly worth the wait, and worth the expense. For the unbeatable price of Php 7,990, you can enjoy these fantastic features from POVA 2:

A Helio G85 Gaming Processor, which unlocks intelligent resource management, ensuring sustained performance and longer gameplay with its 2GHz octa-core processor. Heavy games load faster, overall performance is smoother, and power efficiency is maintained to deliver uninterrupted game play.

  1. A Helio G85 Gaming Processor, which unlocks intelligent resource management, ensuring sustained performance and longer gameplay with its 2GHz octa-core processor. Heavy games load faster, overall performance is smoother, and power efficiency is maintained to deliver uninterrupted game play.

2. A powerful 7000mAh battery with 18W dual IC flash charger for longer playing time on the go.

3. A 6.9” 1080P FHD+ screen with extremely sharp display. 

4. A 6GB RAM + 128GB Storage and ET Engine that promises lag-free gameplay, eliminates screen jittering, and allows a  fully immersive gaming experience.

5. Game Space 2.0,whichprovides a unique user interface that enhances your gameplay by accelerating memory, network connectivity, CPU and GPU boost. 

6. A Game Voice Changer feature that transforms voices in various ways.

7. Slim and modern design that is lightweight and easy to grip.

8. Enhanced artificial intelligence cameras for taking professional-quality photos, with a 48MP quad camera set up at the rear, and an 8-megapixel AI powered selfie camera.

Now is the Best Time to Pre-Order Your POVA 2 

The pre-order period for POVA 2 is open until June 14 in TECNO Mobile’s online stores and partner dealers. Play to win with this super affordable gaming phone, yours for only Php 7,990.

As one of the first to get a POVA 2, you can enjoy awesome Mobile Legends game skins and other freebies when you pre-order from the TECNO Mobile PH Official Store in Shopee Mall, TECNO Mobile’s Flagship Store in Lazada , memoexpress.com, kimstore.com, and the TECNO Mobile Concept Store at SM North Edsa Annex and TECNO Kiosk at Ayala Market Market.

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About TECNO Mobile

TECNO Mobile is a premium smartphone brand from TRANSSION Holdings. TECNO unlocks the best of contemporary technologies in artistic designs, showcasing its mastery of serving global consumers who are “young at heart”, and inspiring them to never stop pursuing excellence. We demonstrate our brand motto through our innovation, technological and artistic progression in over 60 markets around the world, with a diversified product portfolio featuring smartphones and smart AIoT products covered. TECNO is also the global Official Handset Partner of Manchester City Football Club

For more information, please visit www.tecno-mobile.com

Be One of the First to Own a Powerful New POVA 2

Pre-sale for TECNO Mobile’s powered-to-win gaming phone begins on June 5, 2021.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES/ JUNE 1, 2021 – The long wait is over for gamers and game enthusiasts looking for a smartphone that promises a smooth gaming experience like no other. Premium smartphone brand, TECNO Mobile, has finally announced the pre-sale dates for its much-awaited POVA 2. Marked by a one-of-a-kind livestream event, pre-selling for the POVA 2 begins on June 5 and continues until June 11, 2021.

POVA 2 Powered To Win

POVA 2 has been called the perfect smartphone to use for playing the popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). Powered by a Helio G85 Gaming Processor and System Turbo 2.0, plus an ET Game Engine that boosts a player’s ability to win, this gameplay enhancer allows even novices to become gods in the game.


POVA2 also comes with a super large 7000mAh battery, with a highly efficient 18W flash charger, that delivers uninterrupted gaming for days. 


Even with its large battery and huge 6.9” FDH+ display, POVA 2 remains slim and light, for long hours of use, without having to deal with fatigue from the phone’s weight.

POVA 2 Key Features

1. A Helio G85 Gaming Processor , which unlocks intelligent resource management that ensures sustained performance and longer gameplay with its 2GHz octa-core processor. Heavy games load faster, the performance is smoother, and power efficiency is maintained to ensure uninterrupted game play.

2. A powerful 7000mAh battery with 18W dual IC flash charger that ensures longer playing time on the go.

3. A 6.9” 1080P FHD+ screen with an extremely sharp display that vividly shows every amazing game detail.

4. A 6GB RAM + 128GB Storage and ET Engine for lag-free gameplay, eliminating screen jittering, and allowing fully immersive gaming experience.

5. Game Space 2.0. Provides a unique user interface that enhances your gameplay by accelerating memory, network connectivity , CPU and GPU boost.

6. A Game Voice Changer feature that transforms voices in various ways, for an even more fun and exciting gaming experience.

7. Slim and modern design that is lightweight and easy to grip, perfect for hours of comfortable gameplay.

8. Enhanced artificial intelligence cameras for taking professional-quality photos, with a 48MP quad camera set up at the rear, and an 8-megapixel AI powered selfie camera.

Special POVA 2 Pre-Sale Deals on Lazada, Shopee and Partner Dealers

Order your new POVA 2 from June 5 to June 11 from TECNO Mobile’s online stores and partner dealers to score exclusive deals and freebies. Play your best game ever with this built-to-win gaming phone, which can be yours at the unbeatable price of Php 7,990. Buy from the TECNO Mobile PH Official Store in Shopee Mall to get a free Mobile Legends game skin plus wireless Bluetooth earphones with mic. When you shop at TECNO Mobile’s Flagship Store in Lazada, you will get a free Mobile Legends  game skin plus wireless earpods. Limited pre-sale offer is also available at  Memo Express Online, Kimstore Online, TECNO Mobile Concept Store at SM North EDSA Annex and at the TECNO Mobile Kiosk at Ayala Market Market to get free Mobile Legends game skins and other special dealer freebies.

Power Your Game Livestream Show
Apart from officially launching the pre-selling period for POVA 2, the Power Your Game Live Stream Show on June 5th will feature a show match between a team of top local gamers, and a challenger team composed of members selected from fans who participated in a recent TECNO Mobile Facebook Challenge. Presented in partnership with MLBB, the upcoming livestream event will be filled with fun and giveaways, much like other recently-concluded online events from TECNO Mobile. 

Join the livestream and experience how #TogetherWeAchieveMore with TECNO Mobile and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. You won’t want to miss this exciting event, where over 250 prizes and giveaways, including POVA 2 units and Mobile Legends  game skins, will be given away.
TECNO Mobile 6.6 Flash Sale Offers on Lazada and Shopee 
Great deals are coming to TECNO Mobile’s official online stores from June 6-8! TECNO Mobile’s Flagship Store in Lazada will be offering discounts of up to 5% on Spark 6 Air, Spark 6 Go, and Camon 16. The TECNO Mobile PH Official Store in Shopee Mall also offers huge discounts – As much as P499 on Spark 6 Go and P250 on Camon 16. Plus, Spark 6 Go 4GB + 64GB model  is an even bigger steal, with a P200 discount voucher offered in both TECNO Mobile Online Stores.

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POVA x Mobile Legends Bang Bang: A Partnership That’s Built to Win

The latest smartphone from TECNO Mobile delivers a gaming experience like no other, earning

a thumbs up from MLBB’s research and development team!

MANILA, PHILIPPINES/ 14 MAY 2021 – Premium smartphone brand TECNO Mobile has
officially announced a partnership between its POVA gaming phone series, and popular
multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). The
collaboration was conceived with the gaming community in mind, particularly in the Philippines,
where MLBB continues to be one of the top mobile multiplayer games. With the slogan #TogetherWeAchieveMore, the POVA x MLBB partnership celebrates camaraderie among
players, and the ability of teams to overcome odds and obstacles as long as they work together.

The partnership between the two brands coincides with the upcoming release of TECNO
Mobile’s upgraded POVA 2 later this May. The perfect smartphone to use for playing MLBB, POVA 2 provides a smooth gaming experience like no other, powered by a game engine that
boosts your ability to win. This gameplay enhancer helps to improve a player’s game skills,
allowing even novices to become gods in the game. POVA 2 also comes with a super large
battery and huge display, for awesome gaming anytime, and anywhere.

Known as a performance beast, POVA is equipped with a Helio G80 gaming processor and
4GB/6GB DX4 Fast RAM, delivering the smoothest experience, and even running 10 apps at
the same time without any lag. This giant power with its 6.8 Dot-in display is one big hard disk,
equipped with 128GB ROM with enough space to save loads of photos, music, vidoes, and
games. Equipped with a 6,000mAh super big battery, POVA is an energy king, providing up to
30 days standby time, 8 days of playing music, 64 hours of continuous calling, and playing time
of up to 20 hours. And, with POVA’s super fast charge speed, a quick 10-minute charge can
already provide up to 20 hours worth of music playback.

POVA x MLBB Facebook Challenge
Cosplayers dressed as popular MLBB characters will also be coming to select TECNO Mobile
stores to add fun and festiveness to the celebration. Catch them on May 15 and 16 at the
TECNO Mobile Concept Store at SM North EDSA, and this June at SM San Mateo.

A one-of-a-kind TECNO Mobile livestream featuring some of the Philippines’ most popular game
streamers is in the works as well. Slated for June 5th, the live online event promises excitement
for both gamers and non-gamers, along with over 170 prizes and giveaways to be won.

To stay updated on exclusive deals and giveaways, be sure to like and follow TECNO Mobile
Philippines. Visit http://www.tecno-mobile.com/ph to learn more about your favorite smartphones and

Playing modern Yu-Gi-Oh

Remember that time when you will just normal summon a monster in attack position and then you will set a card on your Spell/Trap zone facedown and end your turn. A game mostly about who can generate higher attacks and have that RNG hands to counter your opponent’s spells, traps, and attack. However, as time progress, this card game became more complex, and adapting to its changes is inevitable if you want to stay on the playing field.

Yu-Gi-Oh has been around for nearly 19 years so we can say the game will not retire any time soon. However, the very nature of the game evolved massively over the years and an indication can be said whenever Konami releases a new Yu-Gi-Oh timeline anime. The very first competitive deck that I’ve played is lightsworn, and if you’re a veteran player you know that this deck is a meta deck around 2010. Obtaining OCG cards is really difficult during that time especially when building lightsworn deck since some cards like Layla and Ehren are only available in super rare-grade. With perseverance and luck, eventually, I was able to complete my deck, and playing it with other players is a bragging right due to its rarity and complexity.

Lightsworn deck focuses on milling sending cards from the top of the Deck to the Graveyard. The vast majority of “Lightsworn” monsters mill a number of cards during the End Phase of their controller’s turn and/or can generally benefit from this mechanic. Your boss card of the Deck is “Judgment Dragon” you can special summon this card by having four or more lightsworn monsters with different names in your graveyard. The effect of Judgment Dragon is a bit game-breaking during that time because you can pay 1000 life points to destroy all other cards on the field, as long as you have life points to pay, you will be able to use this effect.

Pure lightsworn deck is strong no doubt about it. But, I’ve decided to transition to mixing light and dark attributes since Envoy of the beginning got lifted from the ban list. My deck is mixed with Necro gardna, Chaos Sorcerer, Gale, Plaguespreader, DAD, glow up bulb, Gorz. With this build, the power spike of my deck increased due to the removal effects of Envoy and, Chaos Sorcerer, plus the synchro monsters that I was able to summon with ease.

I was able to play until Exceed any my only exceed is Hope No:39. After that, my enjoyment of the game slowly diminishes perhaps due to the ban list that hit my deck, and. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any alternative decks to play and I’ve decided to quit and I sold my deck along with my binder so I will not be tempted to return again.

After a couple of years from hiatus. I’ve decided to try playing the game again and I was shocked since there are new rules, new types of cards, and summons. For me, as a returning player, it’s overwhelming due to the information that I have to absorb to play the game again in its current state. With these changes and an expensive approach in building a deck, I’ve realized it’s better that some things stay in the past.

I’ve tried playing the game again online but it went poorly. Things have definitely changed, with all my opponents always opening with elaborate combos that last five minutes or so and seeing your opponent stack their field with link monsters, pendulum, and many more, leaving me confused knowing that I have no possible response since their monster(s) negates effects or negates summons. The games are over in a few turns–it’s maybe ten minutes of drag, most of which I’m just watching,

It’s difficult to admit, but I’ve reached the limits of nostalgia. Yu-Gi-Oh is simply no longer enjoyable for me, and it appears there’s no way back into it unless I invest plenty of my time studying every new card, meta, rules, and summons. I left the game behind and, as I attempt to claw my way back in, it appears the game is rejecting me. The game itself and the community have evolved, but these changes seem to be negative on my end making me not enjoying the game anymore.

The alternative card game genre that I’m currently playing is Legends of Runeterra, so far I’m enjoying my experience here with my Nautilus deep deck and I hope the spark that I’ve used to have in Yu-Gi-Oh will be carried over here.

How tough is the Asus TUF H3 Gaming Headset?

Choosing a bang for your buck gaming headset is essential for your streaming, movie marathon, music solitude, and especially for your hardcore gaming sessions. In this article, I will provide my honest feedback about the “Asus TUF H3 Gaming Headset” after using it for a year.

In the cheap gaming headset market, you generally have to compromise at least one thing, whether it’s the mic quality, sound, comfort, or durability of the product. However, the TUF H3 is an exception since it delivers all the value of a quality gaming headset for an affordable price.

The audio and mic quality of the headset is top-notch for its price and it offers incredible bass and clear sound details to immerse you in a natural-sounding gaming experience. Having this audio quality for a cheap headset is a big factor especially if you’re an avid FPS gamer. Hearing footsteps, team calls, and environment interactions will boost your overall performance in every match. Also, it is rather comfortable and you really don’t have any issues with long gaming sessions compared to other headsets that fatigue your ears after using it for extended periods of time.

For the build quality of the product, I would say it is relatively secure once you put it and has a lightweight feeling. The cool thing about this headset is that you can use it on your consoles, it has a 3.5 millimeter 4-pole jack on the headset itself and a braided 4-pole two-separated microphone and headphone jack included so it should really work with anything you want to plug it into.

With all that being said, if you’re an aspiring streamer, music lover, or competitive gamer. I highly advise not letting this gaming headset pass since you can not go wrong with its quality and price.

Wild Rift Ziggs my favorite unorthodox mid-laner

Upon making this article, Ziggs is currently sitting at Tier C amongst all the mid laners. Ziggs is an artillery mage champion best played in the middle lane. All the skills of Ziggs deal magic damage and can be a huge impact if played correctly during a match. In this article, we will tackle the mechanics of Ziggs, his strengths/weaknesses, and why Ziggs is fun to use.

My current rank is Emerald II and my main role is mid-lane. Unfortunately, my champion pool is not that vast and I mainly use Orianna with 200 games played and a 67% win rate. As I climb the ladder with my clockwork friend, I got to the point of feeling bored, and my losing streak reaches its peak of 10 losses in a row using Orianna. With that, I’ve decided to explore other mage champions that are not in Tier S to Tier B and that’s where I’ve found Ziggs The Hexplosives Expert. After purchasing the champion, I’ve grinded on my day off or whenever I have free time playing. Honestly, I’ve experienced more losses than winning especially in rank. But you know what, it doesn’t matter because this champion is hella fun to use compared to other top-tier mid-lane champions that I’ve used so far.

He is creepingly adorable with his captivating smile
Smashes turrets very fast
Has a very long poke advantage
Even if you are behind (*cough feeding) you will still deal tons of damage

Easy to dodge skilllshots
Weak against assassin champions
Poor mobility


Passive – Short Fuse: This skill enhances his next attack to deal additional magic damage. The cooldown of this skill is reduced by 4 seconds when Ziggs casts an Ability. Also, this skill deals double damage to structures

Ziggs excels against melee opponents since when they walk up to CS, you can normal attack them and follow-up with your 1st skill (Bouncing Bomb). With the correct practice, you will be able to maximize this poke style even against range opponents. Not only he is great for poking, but he is also insane when it comes to pushing turrets.

1st skill – Bouncing Bomb – As the name implies, yes this skill is literally bouncing. This skill bounces 3 times before it explodes. However, it will explode immediately once it hits a target. This is your bread and butter and your main source of damage so make sure you land every cast before clash or during clash. This skill is difficult to use due to its slow animation and your opponent can anticipate it easily. My best advice if you’re going to poke your opponent in a distance, anticipate the direction where they are going. I know it sounds difficult but you will get the hang of it trust me. Just remember, you need to feel the bouncing ball.

2nd skill – Satchel Charge – Flings an explosive charge that can be detonated within 4 seconds to deal damage and to knock your opponents away. Ziggs is also knocked away without taking damage. Damages turrets and demolishes them if they are at 25% Health. This skill is very annoying at the same time it hates turrets so if you see a Satchel Charge icon above the turret, just cast this skill to the turret and that turret will be destroyed immediately. During laning phase, if your opponent is aggressively harassing and you manage to catch them out positioned, you can take advantage of this skill to knock them towards you or your turret. If you successfully knock them towards you, you can unleash havoc by throwing all your skills at them. Satchel Charge can also be an escaping tool if getting ganked or dove by your opponent(s) during clash. You can also jump on terrains upon casting so make sure you’re in the correct corner before you reactivate it.

3rd skill – Hexplosive Minefield – Scatters proximity mines that deal magic damage on contact and slow your opponent by 35% for 1.5 seconds. If your opponent(s) detonates multiple mines they take 40% damage from subsequent mines. This skill is great for poking your opponent in the lane and initially casting it is efficient since if your opponent steps on them and the slow triggered, you can easily follow-up with your 1st skill. Hexplosive Minefield is also useful when clearing objectives since you can block entry points on the map.

SS – Mega Inferno Bomb – Deploys the Mega Inferno Bomb to deal tons of Magic Damage. Enemies not in the center take 66.67% damage. This skill is a no-brainer just cast it and your opponents go boom! The cast range of this skill is vast and great for clearing lanes. During clash, it is best to cast it immediately. Don’t use it to last hit your opponents, use it to deal significant damage.

Ability order


Rune build is situational and subjective depending on your gameplay. My build focuses on early poke by pressuring my opponent in the lane and making sure that Ziggs will have a huge impact during mid-game to late-game.


I prefer barrier and flash since Ziggs has low survivability from ganks and aggressive lane champions. Having a barrier increases your chances of surviving your lane until you hit your power spike and can also be a turnaround spell if ever you get dove under your turret.

Item build

Archangel’s Staff is my priority item since your skills cost too much mana, building this item first will compensate for that issue. Also, it transforms into Seraph’s Embrace which provides you a shield if ever you get in danger. You will feel your power spike once you’ve obtained your Liandry’s Torment. Torment: Ability damage deals 1% of your opponent’s max Health as bonus magic damage over 3 seconds. This damage doubles if your opponents are slowed or immobilized. (Satchel Charge & Hexplosive Minefield *wink). Obtaining all the core items for Ziggs will be a nightmare against squishy champions and expect any losing match to have a chance for a comeback since Ziggs defies all fundamental physics when it comes to destroying turrets.

Finishing thoughts

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my awesome feedback and guide about Ziggs and I hope your love for this hyperactive Yordle somehow increased.

Ziggs is my pocket pick if ever I got bored using meta champions. Regardless of win or loses I always have this emotional trolly feeling of making my opponents annoyed. Let’s be honest that this champion is not the best especially during competitive and definitely a pick that raises eyebrows. But one thing is for sure, this is champion is super fun and is not going to be nerfed any time soon.

The best budget mechanical keyboard!

Choosing a mechanical keyboard in a low-budget price range can be difficult due to the variety of mechanical keyboards that are currently available in the market. However, there is a keyboard that I have stumbled upon and that is the “Redragon Kumara K552”. The Redragon Kumara K552 is 10 keyless or tournament-edition mechanical keyboard with a build construction of durable high-quality metal-abs (engineered to be an optimal long-lived product) perfect for that keyboard smashing experience. The keyboard has standard F keys but with secondary functions, you can activate these keys by pressing the FN function key. The cool thing about the FN key is you can disable the Windows key by pressing FN + Windows, this feature can be a handful especially if you’re in an intense game. You can also adjust the brightness of the keyboard by pressing FN + – or +. If you don’t want any backlight just press FN + SCRLK. Adjusting the backlight effect is also possible. To achieve this, just press the FN + INS, there, you will be able to select different backlight effects. Unfortunately, the Redragon Kumara K552 only has the red backlight but if you prefer the model with an RGB, you’re going to spend a little more. 

Underneath, the model, you get a pair of anti-slip rubber pads in the corners at the bottom. At the top, you get to flip out the keyboard feet with both of them having anti-slip pads as well. The anti-slip pads are fairly doing their job on top of my desk or mouse mat making them not slipping around especially during an intense game. The cable is non-braided and 5.9 feet long with a gold-plated USB connector. 

Finally for the switches. The keyboard uses custom red dragon mechanical switches that are equivalent to cherry mx green. The included keycaps are double-shot injection molded keycaps which makes them quality keycaps and future proof from any scratches. The custom switches have a loud audible click with the tactile bump making it perfect for long hours of typing but it can be quite disturbing if you’re working in an office. To compensate for that, you can buy O-ring dampeners to reduce the sound of your keyboard. 

With all that being said, if you’re looking for a durable, space saver, and a future-proof budget mechanical keyboard, I highly recommend checking this out.

Black Desert Mobile is it worth it?

If we talk about mobile MMORPG the first thing we usually ask if the game is pay to win and even worth playing in the long run. In this article, I will share with you my honest feedback about my experiences playing this game.

Black Desert Mobile has been around for quite a long time now and was initially released last February 28, 2018. The initial release date is not yet translated into English and is only exclusive in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Nonetheless, players across the world still attempted to play it due to the game’s captivating graphics and sophisticated gameplay mechanics. On December 11, 2019, Pearl Abyss officially released Black Desert Mobile Global with only limited classes and not adopting the current updates from Korea, Japan, and Taiwan version. 

I’ve been playing Black Desert Mobile Global since its initial launch and I can immediately attest that the game is very “Free-to-play” friendly, with most (if not all) content accessible to players without needing to spend anything. The game has a unique camp feature where you can build different kinds of structures. Every structure has its own unique purpose to craft different items that will assist you on your game progress and to help you earn silver. 

The main reason why I’ve played this game is due to its captivating graphics for a mobile game since the game is made with Unreal Engine 4 and optimized to be played on mobile devices, including an in-depth character customization system that you cannot find in other MMORPGs in the current market. The game also offers an auto-hunt/grind feature called black spirit mode so if you have less free time, and can no longer have to progress by grinding tons of hours on a daily basis, this feature will be handy especially if you’re playing using an emulator. 

If you used to play Black Desert Online, you’ll certainly enjoy Black Desert Mobile since the game has other unique in-game features like path of glory, black sun, merchantry, node-manager, and lots of other stuff to keep you busy making the game not feeling repetitive. Black Desert Mobile is an open-world game and you might be worried that traveling from one place to another will be troublesome. Well, you don’t have to worry because the game has a teleport system that lets you travel making quests completion and world boss participation faster.

The game also has a pet system that grants you various beneficial stats. Some pets provide attack damage boosts while some pets provide life skills boosts. Enhancing pets can be achieved by fusing the same grade pets, the higher the grade of your pet the better stats it will provide your character.

Of course, we cannot exclude the guild community and the drama that goes along with it. If you’re a PvP oriented player and want to participate in the chaotic environment of the game, Black Desert Mobile can help you with that. Upon making this article, the game currently offers 4 major PVP features, in which your guild participate, these are guild war, node war, siege war, and black sun. These features are team play-oriented PVP and require strategies for a guild to be triumph against the others. On the other hand, if you’re a one-man team, and want to test your skills in a 1v1 or 3v3 skirmish, you can also try the Arena. The Arena has a 1v1 and 3v3 feature, the 1v1 arena is a straightforward battle against other users in your region, with no objectives, just straight-up skills. As for the Arena 3v3 called Ramoness, this type of arena consists of 6 participants battling out to earn points. Earning points can be obtained by securing kills or capitalizing on objectives. The team that manages to achieve the highest points within the set duration will win the match.

The enhancement system is fairly decent. Gears can be enhanced from enhancement level all the way up to awakened enhancement. On the current update, enhancing equipment is not that difficult anymore compared to the game’s initial release. Current events now provide useful resources for veteran players’ especially new adventurer’s to help them progress the game. 

With all that being said, the game also has its fair share of flaws. If you’re just a casual player and just want to enjoy the PvE content of the game and want to progress from just grinding it’s fine, but if you want to play competitively with others, then you should ready your credit card because the game is heavy pay to win. Also, the game is limited to gender-locked classes just like Black Desert Online. The RNG that governs the game is everywhere and it can really hinder your progress despite going whale. Lastly, not much freedom to customize the UI settings.

So my verdict? The game is Pay-to-Win strictly for the PvP aspect. However, if you’re just a casual player and want to experience the captivating graphics, story/lore, and just want to have fun. Black Desert Mobile offers hours of entertainment for a mobile MMORPG without the need for spending. 

Everything you need to know about League of Legends: Wild Rift

If you’re a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) enthusiast or just want to explore the chaotic and fun world of this game genre, League of legends wild rift is a name that you cannot exclude. League of legends wild rift is a MOBA developed and published by Riot Games for Android and iOS. The game is the modified version of League of Legends PC. Releasing League of Legends on the smartphone platform is originally not in the blueprint of Riot Games. However, Tencent which is now the parent company that mostly owns Riot Games asked Riot Games to release a mobile version of the game. Riot games initially declined the idea since they believe that the game could not be replicated on smartphones due to its sophisticated gameplay and graphics. After this, there are rumors that the decision of Riot Games somehow tainted the relationship between the two firms due to the conflict of their games. Nonetheless, the relationship between Riot Games and Tencent is still strong since Riot Games implied that their company will seek to look at Tencent’s proposal to turn League of legends into a mobile version. 

Eventually Riot Games acknowledged the potential of the mobile market for the MOBA genre especially in Asia and SEA and agreed to develop a mobile title for League of Legends. On the other hand, Tencent then temporarily pulled their marketing plans for Arena of Valor and focuses their resources on preparation for League of Legends: Wild Rift. 

On Oct 16, 2019, which is the 10th Anniversary of League of Legends. Riot Games officially announced that they will be releasing League of Legends on the mobile platform. 

The regional open beta for Southeast Asia began on October 27, 2020. [14] On December 7, 2020, the beta was expanded to include Vietnam, Oceania, and Taiwan. On December 10, 2020, the open beta was expanded ahead of schedule to include the Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe, the Middle East, and Turkey; the game’s official release date is still unknown.

With all that being said, the game will start confirming if you’re an experienced player who originally plays the PC or not. Even if it is your first time playing league, the Tutorial gives you ample idea of how the game works so make sure to digest the information during the tutorial for you to be fully prepared in the fields of battle. Riot Games took a fresh approach to Wildrift by opting for a dual joystick system that will be efficient with both touchscreens and console controllers. However, switching the mechanics to a joystick system makes some of the abilities in League of Legends PC difficult to pilot, so the Game Development Team took the time to improve the quality of life of certain skills that will fit the mobile version. If you’re not sure about the abilities of a specific champion, I highly recommend checking them out in the Training mode. 

Faster paced gameplay

Of course, some changes were implemented for the game to fit the mobile/console demographic regular PC League of Legends. The PC version tends to last 30 to 40 minutes sometimes more and that is simply too long for the majority of mobile gamers. The Game Development Team perfected the game’s mechanics to slim the duration of the game down to 15 to 20 minutes per match. The rune and gold income are big factors that accelerate the game’s progress so anticipate a hard snowball effect whenever your opponents manages to capitalize on kills and objectives across the map. 

Map functionality

Some big changes were also been implemented in the buff system, for example, the Evolved Red Bramble Back which spawns 480 seconds into the game provides attack damage or ability power. If you want more in-depth details about the map, please check the “Rift Guide” while you’re in the game. 

META [most effective tactics available]

Wild Rift currently offers 50 champions to play upon making this article. Getting used to each champion is easy for those who played League in PC but if this is your first time, it isn’t that hard too. Laning in Wild Rift depends on your team composition but you can always follow the standard 1 Top – 1 Mid – 2 Bot – 1 Jungle. For you to keep up with the latest Meta picks and item builds, it is a best practice that you actively read the patch notes or watch competitive Wildrift. 

What are the minimum requirements to play League of Legends: Wild Rift on mobile?


OS – Android 5 and above

Memory – 2 GB RAM

CPU – 1.5 GHz quad-core (32-bit or 64-bit)

GPU – Mali-T860

Having a high refresh rate is a big factor if you are considering purchasing your first gaming smartphone. Various companies have advertised smartphones that feature 90Hz, 120Hz, and even 144Hz refresh rate screens. Other than that, these phones are geared with powerful processors and battery life to support a gamer’s grind in climbing up their rank. Furthermore, we are now at the age of game streaming due to the pandemic lockdown so having a 5G enabled phone is a good idea since 5G-enabled phones permit users to stream games on their device with a low latency connection. 

Here are the following smartphones that I highly suggest checking:

– Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G

– Oneplus 8

– Motorola One 5G ACE

– The OnePlus Nord N100

– Huawei Y9s

– Xiaomi Mi 9T


The gameplay is smooth and the graphics are top-notch and Riot Games really set the bars for mobile MOBA games too high. I hope this will spark a healthy competition in the market and let’s see what is the next mobile MOBA game that will surpass or will be on par against Wildrift. 

I would like to close this review by giving my gratitude to Riot Games for providing us a true mobile version of League of Legends.