The future of blockchain-powered commerce?

What is Origin Protocol?
Origin Protocol seeks to make blockchain-based commerce possible. Buyers and sellers will link and transact on the blockchain using the Origin Framework. The project’s objectives are to minimize or eliminate needless transaction fees paid by intermediaries, encourage free and censorship-resistant trade, and provide early ecosystem members with stakes in the commerce network as it expands over time.

The Origin Platform, which drives several different apps in the ecosystem, is the company’s primary product offering. The first version of the Platform was released to the Ethereum Mainnet in October of 2018, and the project has since updated its functionality several times. Origin has launched many first-party apps on top of the Web, including the Dshop e-commerce store builder (, the Origin Marketplace DApp (, and Origin Offers (

On its Platform, Origin currently drives over a dozen affiliate e-commerce and marketplace apps.

• Underlying Technology
The Origin Platform is made up of a series of smart contracts at the protocol layer, intermediary APIs that enable in-house and third-party software development, and an application/UX layer that allows end-users to purchase and sell on the network. The Platform’s components are scalable, and Origin actively promotes other developers, e-commerce retailers, and marketplace operators to build their own apps for a variety of business use cases. Origin Tokens (OGC) are ERC-20 tokens that are based on Ethereum and IPFS.

• Team and Investors
One of PayPal’s initial co-founders, YouTube’s first employee, and tech managers from Dropbox and Google make up Origin’s founding team and early developers. Matthew Liu and Josh Fraser, the two co-founders, have previously developed and sold profitable businesses together.

Pantera Capital is Origin’s main sponsor. Foundation Capital, Ventures, Hashed, PreAngel Investment, BlockTower Capital, FBG, Sora Ventures, and other venture/crypto funds, as well as angel investors, are among their backers. YouTube co-founder Steve Chen, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and Garry Tan (former Ycombinator partner), Steve Jang and Gil Penchina (founding advisor and angel investor in Uber). The Origin Protocol price page is part of the Price Index, which includes price history, a ticker, market cap, and other information.

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